Policy Positions

The science of politics is the science of social happiness.
 ~ John Adams, 1776

I believe in a non-ideological scientific approach to politics and governance with a focus on applying scientific methodologies to the problems of governance through the rigorous study and application of past experience and experimentation. I believe in progress, utilitarianism and market economies as mostly self-regulating systems, governed by natural laws of production and exchange. I support free market and laissez-faire economics as well as civil liberties under the rule of law, with an emphasis on limited government, economic freedom and political freedom.


Reduce, Rehabilitate, Deter.


I am an advocate for (i) the reduction and/or elimination of the root causes of crime; (ii) improving the rehabilitation component of the criminal justice system; and (iii) increasing an emphasis on deterrence through tougher and effective laws.
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Culture & Society Policy

A Life Without Art Is No Life At All!


I believe in promoting and facilitating cultural diversity and creative expressions in a range of art forms and creative activities, as well as, improve the accessibility of arts and creative activities to citizens and promote the artistic, musical, ethnic, sociolinguistic, literary and other expressions of all people in America.


Economics Is A Science...But, Not An Experimental Science.


Although capitalism delivers growth, it does not deliver steady growth. I believe that unregulated markets work well, however, there are times when government intervention is necessary since government spending is more stable than private spending. However, that does not mean the government has an open checkbook to spend the people's money.


He Who Opens A School Door, Closes A Prison.


I believe that education is the responsibility of parents and local government while the federal government's role should be to assist states with establishing effective school systems, policy and standards. The primary goal of education should be individual development, emphasized experiential learning and critical thinking.


Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed...


I believe America's energy policy should be a mixture of fossil fuels and renewables while focusing on (i) energy conservation and efficiency; (ii) greater domestic supply of fossil fuels; (iii) keeping gasoline prices affordable in light of other policy goals; and (iv) incentivizing the increased generation and use of renewables.


Earth Is A Fine Place Worth Fighting For.


I believe in protecting the environment while mitigating interference with the efficiency of commerce or, the liberty of the people. I am an advocate of balancing environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources with other policy goals, such as affordable energy, economic growth and strong labor force participation.
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Foreign Relations

When Diplomacy Ends, War Begins.


I believe in the protection of the United States, its citizens and allies; assuring continued access to international resources and markets; preserving the balance of power in the world; promoting world peace and a secure global environment; and promoting democratic values and human rights.

Government Operations

Waste Not, Want Not.


I am an advocate of improving the management and accountability of government programs, increasing efficiency and promoting better and more coordinated operational decisions by implementing best management practices to make government operations more efficient and less costly.


If It's Unaffordable, No One Will Buy It.


America doesn't have a healthcare problem, it has a healthcare cost problem. Health insurance was developed during the Great Depression in order to give hospitals and doctors a steady stream of revenue and today, it is a billion-dollar industry. I believe in health insurance reform that makes healthcare costs, rather than insurance, more affordable.


Ultimately, Our Roots Are From Somewhere Else.


I believe America needs to assist countries that experience mass migration with implementing measures that mitigate the root causes of that migration. In addition, I am an advocate for a "West Coast" version of Ellis Island to process, in an orderly and expeditious manner, migrants who have problems with their paperwork, as well as, asylum seekers needing assistance.

National Security

Eternal Vigilance Is The Price Of Liberty.


I believe in using diplomacy to align allies and isolate threats; wielding economic power to elicit cooperation; maintaining an effective armed forces; implementing civil defense and emergency preparedness policies; ensuring the resilience and redundancy of critical infrastructure; and using intelligence services to detect and defeat or, avoid threats and espionage.

Social Welfare

Everyone Can Help Someone.


Current policymakers won't eliminate social welfare programs even as the political, economic and cultural circumstances change. They attempt to solve problems with outdated programs and improvise with politically acceptable solutions. I believe in implementing social welfare programs that aim to reduce the number of people that need assistance.
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