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With only a 20% presence in the Federal and State Legislature, the California Republican Party is irrelevant in the governing of California. If the State party were to cease to exist today, virtually nothing would change. At the Federal level, Republicans occupy neither of the Senate seats and only 12 out of the 52 Congressional seats. At the State level, Republicans only hold 26 out of the 120 State legislature seats. This super-majority one-party rule has been significantly detrimental to California's democracy and its citizens.

The absence of political competition has led to a lack of balance in government and policymaking. It has undermined accountability and has fostered corruption and unethical behavior. It has allowed elected officials to ignore opposing views and opinions, limiting political discourse, and resulting in less diverse perspectives on important issues such as the economy and education. It also has led to complacency among elected officials, who have taken their power for granted and are less responsive to the needs and desires of Californians.

These inadequate checks and balances have given rise to policies and programs that have not been in the best interest of California. In fact, it has stifled the development of new ideas and policies that could have potentially benefited the State and has resulted in problems like rampant crime, high taxes, and an out-of-control homeless crisis. It’s time to break the stronghold of this corrupt, complacent ruling class that feels no threat of political competition; this empowered, entrenched political class that has restricted the power and voice of Californians.

It's time for a new generation of representation that will step up and be changemakers for Californians, and all Americans. Time for representatives who will bring bold, new leadership to Congress. Representatives that will take responsibility, risk their reputation and work with colleagues across the aisle to find real solutions. Representatives that will work for the American people and put them ahead of special interest groups, corrupt political machines, and social agendas that go against America’s core values.



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